After a five year hiatus from music, Brooklyn-based robot popstar Wolfgang returns with a brand new album "The Price of Fame".

Fame has indeed taken its toll on the robot, for whom success came suddenly after the release of his debut "The Wicked Truth About Loving a Man" in 2007.  Wolfgang was ill-equipped to deal with the daily barrage of paparazzi and autograph seekers and went into hiding.  

While tabloid rumors had him in rehab or partying with Hollywood starlets,  in reality Wolfgang was living the life of a recluse in his Brooklyn loft.  During this period, he wrote and produced the 7 songs that make up his latest album.  Now Wolfgang is fully recharged and ready to embrace pop stardom again with the release of "The Price of Fame". 

The album has Wolfgang's signature retro-electro sound, but these songs are more polished than his previous output.  Title track "The Price of Fame," "Firewire" and  "Lie Detector" are nuggets of pure electro-pop, while the Rick James-inspired "Behind Closed Doors" highlights Wolfgang's funkier side.  He bares his robo-soul in the bittersweet, folksy "Higher and Higher" and the Cars-esque "All I Want," and the album closes with a classic Wolfgang dancefloor anthem "Mannequin Love."

All songs on the album were written, performed and produced by Wolfgang in his Brooklyn studio.   

The Price of Fame
Behind Closed Doors
Higher and Higher
Lie Detector
All I Want
Mannequin Love